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About me

My name is Erja Härkönen and I have bred belgian shepherd tervueren since 1993.

My first dog was mixed Nippe,  which I got when I was 6 years old. The next dog was Finnish Lapphound Jakke.

The first own dog was english spring spaniel Nena. Nena was not registered, so I could not attend to shows or other competitions with her. I wanted a dog with who I could go to shows, competitions etc. So the first tervueren Maksboid Doris "Dooris" arrived 1989. Dooris was not an easy dog for first belgian, and I learnt a lot with her.

Nowadays I train tracking, obedience and agility with my dogs, sometimes you can also meet me in dog shows.

My goal is to breed dogs, which the owners can use both in working and show, not forgetting the good health

My dogs
BH, TK1 Dordilla Iceflower "Runo"

Born 6.8.2007


PMVJ-09 Qyono Jarah de Conte de Fée "Riimi"

Born 4.12.2008

Dordilla Kooky "Rumba"

Born 28.4.2013

Muskettikoiran Öinen Kuuntanssi "Ralli"

Born 8.11.2015

Co-owned dogs

Distant Venus z Kovarny "Jazz"

Born 31.5.2011

In memories




Dordilla Forsythia "Rita"

She's mother to Dordilla H- I- and J-litters


30.8.2002 - 13.3.2013

(Pyomera, sepsis)

Dordilla Iceman "Reko"

6.8.2007 - 18.11.2012

(sudden heart feilure)

My first belgian, Maksboid Dooris "Doris" Mother to Dordilla A-, B- and C-puppies. 

6.8.1989 - 30.3.2005

(tumor in nasal cavity)

Rozzer van het Wouwenhof "Roki".  

14.10.1993 - 26.8.2005

(heart attack)


FIN CH, JK2 Xanthippa van het Wouwenhof  "Rambo".   

20.4.1998 - 21.12.2005

(Bone cancer)

Dordilla Hachilah "Riemu"

22.1.2006 - 20.2.2007

(tear in aorta)